Algorithmic Thinking, Peak Finding


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Idiosyncratic Analysis of Bitcoin

We have learned in this class about the historical perspective of the Markets, from the ancient market to the modern market. The most important aspect of these markets then and hence, is the MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE. During the Barter System of Market whereby commodity was being exchanged to commodity, GOLD was the standard medium of exchange. Today with modern market, such as, Stock Market, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, to name a few, the mediums of exchange are the modern currency: money, cheques, money order, travelers’ cheques, credit cards. The emergence of one of the most powerful modern medium of exchange today is called BITCOIN. It is fundamentally changing our perspective towards market transactions, and how we think about buying goods and services. Bitcoin has no central institution involved, and BITCOIN fluctuates, as the market reacts to the market mechanisms.

I hope you enjoy this video by Morgan Spurlock about the functionality and the origin of Bitcoin as well as the idiosyncratic nature of Bitcoin as the modern medium of exchange, the risk involves, and it is volatility.

~Prof. Fusi~

[The video referred in the article has been removed.]

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This Amazing Video

This amazing video carefully put together by Mr. Tsiaras is a revolutionary in-depth visualization of the the miracle of the birth, from conception to birth. This riveting presentation of health care and technology, he unlocks the seemingly very complicated subject of the human body from its conception to the simplest and understanding way. The detail and graphics explanation of the images from the the day by day assimilation of the growth of the fetish is breath taking.

Alexander Tsiaras Conception To Birth Visualized

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The Pursuit of Happiness

It’s my plight to make the 2012 a Happy, Exciting, and the most Memorable year. I’ll work very hard to formulate the mathematical model for the Fusian theory (IPF). A fortune cookie said “This year will bring you much happiness”. I will stay focus on my immediate interests which are committment, research and publication.

Love Birds

by Prof. Fusi

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The Height of Hypocrisy

A detailed comparison of the Middle East spring and democracy in the Western World. The pretense of the Western World having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs and democratic principles, which are not practice but preached to the world, especially the Middle East, during the Arab Spring.

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The origin of Neuroeconomics

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New Year Resolution

In the word of a French philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, “we are born free but we are everywhere in chains.” In the year 2010, I seem to find myself feeling that I was captive mentally and physically. The days seem faster than the milestones I have set forth to be accomplished. The passing of my youngest brother left me with mixed emotions, and a couple of questions: 1. Should I continue the seemingly endless rat-race-like squirming sperms rushing to get to the almighty kingdom of the golden egg to be fertilized? Or, 2. To set a reachable goal for myself? The latter is my best new year resolution.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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The economic impact of Universities dwindling endowment

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Fusian Theory at Youtube

A new theory which is capturing the imagination of thousands of students across college campuses. It is the Fusian Theory of Intelligence – Intelligence Possibility Frontier (IPF).

The Fusian Theory of Intelligence – Intelligence Possibility Frontier (IPF)

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