About Fusians

Prof. Charles Fusi at Said Business School in Oxford University, UK

Neuroeconomics/Computer Scientist: Professor Fusi, discovered the concept of cognitive reasoning behind Demand and Supply. Essentially the decisions we make to demand goods and services.

Professor Fusi’s theory of Intelligent possibility frontier EGRAB “IPF” as the most powerful instrument replacing “IQ” is the most interesting concept on campus today. Professor Fusi holds strongly the notion that the key to unlock and enhance your Intelligence is by applying this simply formula by setting up E=Environment G=Goals R=Responsibility A=Analysis and B=Balance “EGRAB”= IPF “environment”.

Currently, Professor Fusi is an economic professor at Roxbury Community College, with a special interest in neuroeconomics. He previously held position as an Academic Dean at Gibbs College in Boston from 2001 to 2003. At the same time, as a research lecturer, Professor Fusi also was elected Professor Of The Year two years consecutively.

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