Idiosyncratic Analysis of Bitcoin

We have learned in this class about the historical perspective of the Markets, from the ancient market to the modern market. The most important aspect of these markets then and hence, is the MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE. During the Barter System of Market whereby commodity was being exchanged to commodity, GOLD was the standard medium of exchange. Today with modern market, such as, Stock Market, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, to name a few, the mediums of exchange are the modern currency: money, cheques, money order, travelers’ cheques, credit cards. The emergence of one of the most powerful modern medium of exchange today is called BITCOIN. It is fundamentally changing our perspective towards market transactions, and how we think about buying goods and services. Bitcoin has no central institution involved, and BITCOIN fluctuates, as the market reacts to the market mechanisms.

I hope you will enjoy this video by Morgan Spurlock about the functionality and the origin of Bitcoin as well as the idiosyncratic nature of Bitcoin as the modern medium of exchange, the risk involves, and it is volatility.

~Prof. Fusi~

February 20, 2015




Syllabus: micro_fall2011_syllabus

Microeconomics “Economics Today – The Micro View“:

Economics Today by Roger LeRoy Miller

Chapter 1: microecon_C01 Assignment: assignment_C01_bhcc_2012spring

Chapter 2: microecon_C02 Assignment: assignment_C02_bhcc_2012spring

Chapter 3: microecon_C03 Assignment: assignment_C03_bhcc_2012spring

Chapter 4: microecon_C04 Assignment: assignment_C04_bhcc_2012spring

Chapter 5: microecon_C05 Assignment: assignment_C05_bhcc_2012spring

Chapter 6: microecon_C06 Assignment: assignment_C06_bhcc_2012spring

Chapter 6A/19: microecon_C06A_19 Assignment: assignment_C06A-19_bhcc_2012spring

Chapter 7A/20: microecon_C07A_20 Assignment: assignment_C07A_20_bhcc_2012spring Assignment 2: assign_7A-20-2_bhcc_2012spring

Chapter 8A/22: microecon_C08A_22

Chapter 9A/21: microecon_C09A_21  Assignment: assignment_C09A:21_bhcc_2012spring

Chapter 10A/23: microecon_C10A_23

Chatper 11A/24: microecon_C11A_24

Chapter 12A/25: microecon_C12A_25

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