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The economic impact of Universities dwindling endowment

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Fusian Theory at Youtube

A new theory which is capturing the imagination of thousands of students across college campuses. It is the Fusian Theory of Intelligence – Intelligence Possibility Frontier (IPF).

The Fusian Theory of Intelligence – Intelligence Possibility Frontier (IPF)

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Fusian theory (Intelligence Possibility Frontier) (IPF)

I had a theory which I explained before an audience of 100 students on yesterday, about a new theory which is called Fusian Theory
– Intelligence Possibility Frontier (IPF), which simply states that
the harder a student works the closer that student gets to my Zone of
Intelligence Possibility Frontier. The Theory argues that the
proposition of intelligence is calculated in a formula of progressive
expedition. The presentation was well received and seemed to have
captured the academic imagination of the students on campus. By Prof. Fusi

The pdf file for the presentation

Students are paying attention during my presentation

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New year message from Professor Charles Fusi

Can you believe it!! its approaching 2010, and life seem endless, and
troubles unabated, effective solutions are indeed time
consuming our desire to mount the expected accomplishment commensurate
with our biological clock seem daunting, and the seconds, minutes,
hours, days, months, years, decades, millennium, and century rolls on,
the Planet earth continues to rumble on like a pending time bomb. We
continue to navigate ourselves through it note withstanding the latent

Hopping for a better year 2010

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Neuroeconomics video of Dave Weber from MIT

In considering Dave’s logicism of the application of neuroeconomics, It is important to realize that his primary understanding lies within the concepts of neuroprocesses the a priori certainty is epistemological; to ensure the enduring process of  decision making. The firmest proof of cognitive reasoning is within the framework of the processes of the information from the brain, which, prescinding from particular neurological processes, which primary an apt consideration based on the law of demand on which all knowledge of purchasing decision rest.

The studies also depicts why advertising is the way in which how people view the products they buy through commercials. The decisions people make based of the calibrated functionality of the brain structure and the information that is processed from the frontal loop of the brain to enable people to draw conclusions on whether to buy or not to buy.  By Prof. Fusi


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